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I was fairly miserable where I worked before I began aden + anais. I took everything about the corporate world that I disliked and vowed to make my company the antithesis of it. Here, everybody’s voice matters. Everyone can absolutely be who they really are. No one has to pretend to be what they are not. There is no hierarchy. The open plan of our office space is a visual way of showing that we are all on an equal playing field, no matter the role. We have a stocked full bar, a pool table, and an air hockey table to encourage everyone to have a good time—and because I am really good at air hockey. I always say, “We’re not curing cancer, folks. We’re just making baby blankets, so we might as well have some fun while we do it!”

I think we are able to be so productive in this relaxed culture because everyone at aden + anais is like-minded with similar values and work ethics, which is very intentional. At a lot of big corporations, people don’t care what you’re like as a human. Here, who you are as a person matters just as much as how good you are at what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re the greatest writer, marketer, or salesperson, if you’re a *bleep*, you don’t make it here. You just don’t.

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“Here, who you are as a person matters just as much as how good you are at what you do.”

As we grow, it does get harder to preserve the culture. The bigger you get, the greater the need to bring in expertise that often comes from having worked in big companies and corporate environments, so there are more personalities in the mix. This transition is hard on everyone, not just the new people, but also the original people who built the business from the ground up, sitting here at four in the morning getting it all done the old fashioned way.

But people are respectful of each other as people here, and I think that is how you work through the growing pains. We are living proof that being a lovely person and a skilled person doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I think that’s how you protect a culture, by valuing the person as much as the professional.  

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