how to build your best baby registry

a lifestyle-based approach to building the perfect baby registry
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Ah, baby registry-making. It should be fun, and it is, but we’d be lying to you if we said it didn’t come with its own trials and tribulations. To help you navigate the inexhaustible barrage of baby registry must-haves, aden + anais is here to help. In this post, we’re sharing over a decade of our baby gear expertise with you.

Our favorite method is simple: build a registry to fit your lifestyle. It’s an utterly pragmatic and utilitarian approach to bringing baby home, because we believe that what you need for your little bundle shouldn’t require a complete and total overhaul of life as you know it. So, where to begin? We’re so glad you asked.


The Northwest varies greatly from the Southeast in a multitude of ways, and your registry will inevitably be dictated by your locale’s climate and seasons, as well as your baby’s arrival date. To ensure your registry is robust and properly suited to meet the needs of your local weather characteristics, consider what an average day for you and baby might look like. Seattle rain, for instance, will call for waterproof footwear and cozy blankets, while the more temperate Florida panhandle means baby sunscreen is a must. While you can be outdoors most of the year in the latter, you may enjoy more days spent reading and snuggling inside in the Pacific Northwest. For locations with variable weather, think about layering: baby will likely need insulated outerwear. For areas with a more sunny disposition, consider lighter layers or rompers and even swimsuits as the wardrobe of choice.


Perhaps the biggest factor to consider when building a baby registry is the physical space where you live. Are you a city dweller or a suburban resident? Are you in a compact apartment or multi-story home? These distinctions are critical when investing in baby gear. Urban life, for example, is hugely pedestrian, making a stroller, stroller blankets and carrier an essential part of everyday life. Your stroller effectively becomes your car, replete with a trunk for groceries. But because space is often an issue for city folk, be sure you’re registering for pieces that stow away compactly and efficiently. This space restriction may also affect furniture choices, since a normal-sized crib won’t fit in all apartments. Luckily, mini cribs or convertible beds and beautiful crib sheets are available, and there are even pieces that fold up for the option to store when needed.

Suburban life, on the other hand, often involves driving, making it essential to register for items that can move in and out of your home and car with ease. Instead of a stroller and car seat travel system, you may have the flexibility to keep things separate. If that’s the case, consider purchasing a car seat that lives in your car but grows with baby from infant to toddler. With more space, you may want to think about adding a walker or jumper to your baby registry. They can provide the dual function of basic learning and endless contentment (with the added bonus of providing never ending giggling baby photos ops).


Your daily routine is another important piece in the baby registry-building puzzle, but one that helps you efficiently strategize for your new life as a family. Are you a working full time or staying at home with baby? If baby will be in daycare, it’s possible that you can pare down the endless army of toys. But that may mean you’ll need to be sufficiently stocked up on to-go containers for baby’s snacks and lunches plus a supplemental wardrobe to keep at daycare. For full time parents, you may find the playard and a high chair essential additions to your home, as well as soft, colorful bibs to keep the endless drool at bay. They can both keep baby safe and engaged while you’re occupied. For parents with an active lifestyle, a jogger stroller may be a good fit. For simple walks and navigating stores, a basic stroller is a more suitable choice. Both types come in a wide variety of sizes with multiple features. Think about your storage space, their folding capability, and your typical terrain as you make your decision.

Whatever your lifestyle, make sure you’re registering for pieces you will put to good use. A new baby will change your life, but your baby registry need only enhance your lifestyle, not alter it completely. Wishing you happy new beginnings from aden + anais.

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