top 9 essentials for your baby registry

we compiled a list of the top-rated and most useful baby essentials
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Which part of pregnancy is most overwhelming? Is it the physical changes that make you an unrecognizable visage in the mirror every morning? Is it the bewildering realization that you are bringing a person into this world, someone that you must care for and look after every waking (and sleeping) second of every day (and night)? Or is it simply the seemingly impossible and altogether daunting task of creating a baby registry to properly accommodate this tiny human’s needs? The answer is, probably, all of the above. Which is where we come in. Up ahead, a step-by-step guide for building a registry full of the top-rated and most useful essentials for your new life with baby.

infant car seat

Because your baby’s safety is of the utmost importance, this purchase is a significant one. Topping the list for best-rated car seat is the… drumroll please…


Also of tremendous importance is the mode in which you and baby travel together. Strollers offer ease in walking and, with trunk space all their own, afford you the option of walking without carrying any extra baggage (of which you will have plenty).


Baby carriers are another essential component to life with baby. For on-the-go activities that are two-feet only, dip your proverbial feet into something comfortable, practical, and ready to go wherever you do (even if that means a full day of hiking).


Baby will need a crib that’s sturdy and dependable and one that will grow as they do. This Oeuf crib has all of that, plus we’re giving it (huge) bonus points for style.


There’s no better security than knowing your baby is safe and at ease. Enter the baby monitor, which in today’s world, allows you to feel connected – even when you’re not cuddling. This Project Nursery monitor system’s features include (but aren’t limited to) HD video, extended-life battery, 2 video display options, and so much more.

breast pump

Pumping is a near-necessity for the modern mother. Medela offers this on-the-go version with its own tote or backpack.

nose aspirator

You’ll use it more times than you’d probably like to know, but one thing’s for certain: you need this.

baby bahtub

A built-in thermometer sets this baby tub apart from the rest. It’s also super easy to use, and maybe even easier to keep clean.


Babies love to be swaddled, but a swaddle's uses go far beyond making adorable baby burritos. A swaddle stockpile not only lets you keep baby snug and secure, but can also clean up messes with ease, nurse in privacy or stroll peacefully, to name a few. Not to toot our horn, but the prints? So. Much. Cute.
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classic swaddles
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happy registering!

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