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a tried and true list of the best sippy cups from parents like you
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The problem with having a baby registry before you actually have a baby is that you have no idea what’s worth buying. Case in point: the couple dozen or so sippy cups I’ve ended up donating or flat-out recycling because they were far cuter than they were effective (unless their purpose was to actually leak everywhere, in which case they were perfect).

Who knows more about the best baby stuff than people who actually have babies? Nobody, that’s who. So we asked you, our aden + anais fans, for their favorite cups.  

So, here they are: tried and true from parents like you.

The Zoli Cup

A soft straw lets kids sip away, with handles to make holding it easy. The straw is flexible, with a weighted bottom, so when your little one inevitably tips it back, the straw still lets them get to the liquid. Genius.

The Wow Cup

BPA-free and spill free? That’s pretty hard to argue with. No wonder you folks love it.


They’re heavy (glass wrapped in a BPA-free protective plastic) but durable, leak-free and a favorite of our fans. By screwing on a different top, they go from baby bottle to sippy cup to kids’ water bottle, so they grow along with your little one.


Their water bottles are BPA-free, durable and stand up to the wear and tear that comes with being owned by a small human who likes to throw things. Plus, lots of cute patterns!

Munchkin brand

You folks vouch for every cup they make. We trust you.

Plot twist: skip the special cups: Many of you opt for straws in regular cups instead. You’re brave souls, but you have a point: it’s simpler and more cost-effective, even if it’s a bit messy at first. 

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